Thursday, 5 June 2008

I'm thinkin' about my doorbell

I think I lost some credibility at work when I insisted that on the occasions that the central heating thermostat buzzed, it coincided with the times that my computer lost access to the network.
Seriously, what's up with that? I swear they always coincided, and after a few to several seconds the network would be back again...

...And / or the buzzing would have stopped...

Still, that was a different computer and central heating system ago, so is now water under the bridge (Or in the pipes?) ...

But perhaps that's why the final nail in my coffin of "He's lost it!" was sunk after I declared that my mouse stopped working when someone rang the doorbell.

I'd be sitting there, working away... And then the mouse cursor would stop moving. And then the doorbell would ring.

I'm telling you, it bloody did!

Oh, how they laughed at me.

"Enough," I decided the other day, "is enough."

It was time to prove my sanity (or lack thereof) one way or the other. So I stood outside, and I decided to ring that doorbell until my theory was proven. Or the doorbell died. Either way, I'd have proven something...

The verdict?

Yup, it turns out that of the six wireless mice in the building, two of them are interrupted by ringing the wireless doorbell.

Clearly, the other person just plain hadn't been working hard enough. ;)

So, I get one more day's reprieve from the Men in White Coats...

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