Sunday, 1 June 2008


Taking a look in my Junk Mail folder, I had to chuckle

Nestling between "10 tips to getting college girls" and "Make her ooze love juice" was "Love Scrabble? Open this".

I thought for a second it may even have been a genuine e-mail of some sort, but it did turn out to be a random spam to do with some sort of "instant win" Scrabble rip-off game.

But it makes you wonder, though... Could some sort of exciting new concept game be hidden here? Could spam be combined with Scrabble to form... Spabble!

Instead of randomly picking some letters from a bag, each turn would see you be handed a selection of random junk e-mails. Perhaps the aim should be to attempt to contruct a single valid sentence from all of them. The greater the length (uh, or girth?) of the sentence and the greater its accuracy (e.g. words spelt correctly from letters with no numbers, correct capitalisation), the more points would be awarded.

It's Spabble-tastic! (Oh dear...)

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