Tuesday, 29 July 2008

I Hate Symantec

They really, really do my head in.
You cannot down revision Symantec Antivirus / Symantec Client Security as that action is unsupported. The Computer '[computername]' already has a more recent version '30964' verse this version '1000'.
If you really want to down revision this Server, you must manually unstall it first and then you may install an older version."

This is trying to apply Symantec Management Server 10.2. Picking on ScsComms.dll, I see we have these three versions available:

1: (Installed version)
2: (New version - won't install due to above message)
3: (Old installable version - but it's happy to apply this old version which it thinks is newer!)

And does Google find anything for "cannot down revision Symantec Antivirus" ? Or even "cannot down revision" ? Or even "more recent version" and "verse this version" ?

Does it bollocks.

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