Sunday, 13 July 2008


As I was wander around the supermarket filling my trolley, my brain is always analysing the products I'm interested in - how much do I need? How long will it last? Will I save money if I buy more? Will I save money if I buy less?

Now, I know that different people do this to differing degrees.

But sometimes things just leap out at you and make you really wonder - WHY?

Uncle Ben's rice, in Tesco, today.

Yes, that's £1.75 for 500g, or £1.81 - a mere six pence more - for a kilogram; twice as much.

Six. Pence. Double the amount. And hey, it's rice - if it takes twice as long to use, it's hardly the end of the world (the box advertises best before 20/12/2010).

I mean... It's just daft... Why? How? Who would buy the 500g boxes?

Some questions just have to be asked. ;)

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