Monday, 11 August 2008

But is it art? Part 1

Rick Stein was talking on the Today programme this morning about whether cookery should be a type of art.

Well, I know I decided years ago when I was still living at home that there was certainly an art to making a great sandwich :) But I think they were talking just a tad more culturally high-brow than sandwiches.

Food critic Tom Lubbock had a couple of good points - that you "need" food to survive, but not art. He also pointed out how, I believe his words were, someone may feel "deeply saddened" by a piece of art, but he had never eaten anything which caused him to feel the same way. Which is probably for the best when you think about it ;)

So what is it that makes something art? Does it require creativity? Does it require an emotional input? Should its audience receive an emotional output? Is there some level of emotion that should be reached? Should it have the ability to convey a message or feeling? Is it something which is revered by some and reviled by others?

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Have you had your Daily Top 10?

I have. In fact, so far today (11:20am) I've had 47 of them.

How does spam relate to viruses (or is it "virii"?) these days? Do viruses infect PCs for the purposes of turning them into spam zombies? Or is spam sent for the purpose of getting people to install a virus?

Or is it both? Or neither?

I think I'll finish my cup of tea and stop thinking about it.