Thursday, 18 September 2008

The 007 of Windows Updates?

There was a small bundle of Windows Updates appear last week. But is update 947821 - better known as "CheckSUR", or the "System Update Readiness Tool for Windows Vista and for Windows Server 2008" - the James Bond of Windows Updates? Is it designed to secretly slip past undetected, like a certain top secret agent?

What, you may rightfully wonder, leads me to ask these questions?

Well, I'm glad you wondered that. If you didn't wonder that, then you might as well stop reading now ;)

You see, I had ten Windows Updates appear that day.

Nine of them installed successfully. One did not. The one that did not was, of course, our cunning little friend, the CheckSUR utility.

Well, fortunately, we did also have an error code to investigate:

Ah. So. A stealth error, then. And hang on a minute, look at that error number... C00701E7. So, nobody's had any record of it, and the code includes 007? Well, it gets worse...

Because when I rebooted, Windows was very pleased to tell me that updates has been installed... And that none were remaining.

"Hmm," thought I, "did it install while rebooting?"


It just didn't install it. It snuck in, blew itself up, and then vanished quietly in the wind.

And the ironic thing is that this update is one that is designed to fix problems in Windows. What happens when the thing that fixes things needs fixing!? :S

Ah well. It's not like it actually updated any files, so I won't worry about it.

And I do notice that since my original screenshot, Google does now have some relevant results.

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