Saturday, 18 October 2008

Random Holiday Statistics

  • Holiday length: 15 days
  • Number of pictures & movies taken: 2,429 (excluding any on my phone, or of the flight home)
  • Total size of photos and movies taken: 8.76gigabytes (enough to fill two standard writable DVDs)
  • Number of times I used up both my camera battery and 2gb SD card within a single day and had to swap to spares: Two.
  • Total distance driven by me: 1,771 miles.
  • States visited: Three.
  • States visited that I had not visited before: Two.
  • Number of states “very-almost-but-not-quite” visited: Two.
  • Greatest number of beverages produced by the Coca-Cola Company drunk in one session: 48.
  • Total number of record-breaking escalators ridden: One.
  • Number of films that I took with me to watch: Six.
  • Of which, number watched: Zero.
  • Number of TV episodes that I took with me to watch: 63.
  • Of which, number watched: Zero.
  • Books completed: One.
  • Number of photos purchased following rides/events: Eight (six in one go, on a CD).
  • Number of towels bought: One.
  • Number of times fallen out of a raft: Zero.
  • Altitude as I write this: 9,443 metres (30,997 ft)
  • Boxes of teabags taken with me: Four.
  • Record number of steps a one-year-old could take by the end of my first week: Five.
  • Record number of steps the same one-year-old could take by the end of my second week: Twenty-five.
  • Total number of additional nights spent in the same hotel after the first night: One.
  • Money saved by buying a new 16gb blue iPod Nano in the US: £30.
  • Of which, amount saved by happening to buy it the day the US Bailout Plan was first rejected: £6.50.
  • Number of times gas bought: Four (I think)
  • Greatest single distance travelled in freefall: 16 stories.
  • Distance travelled on roller coasters: 20,673 feet (3.92 miles)

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