Monday, 11 May 2009

Microsoft Silverlight: Installation failed (successfully)

The message told me, “Unable to install Silverlight.”

I clicked for “More information”:

Silverlight - did it or didn't it

According to the error code, it “installed successfully”.  Hmmmm!


  1. What is Silverlight? What does it do? Why would I want it?

  2. Slightly techy answer: It's like Adobe Flash but from Microsoft.

    Less techy answer with marketing bullshit: It's an exciting Microsoft technology which enables rich web content and media.

    In other words: Microsoft's new thing for developers to use to make websites look pretty and stream video.

    When it's needed, I imagine you shouldnt' really have to "do" anything to get it, it'll probably just turn up, or "suggest" you into installing it.

  3. It has already 'suggested' I might like it. I ignored the suggestion. I'm sure I've got Flash kicking about here somewhere...I don't need anymore shit on this thing, it's slow enough as it is...